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Our Process

Linked to Craig uses a step by step process to help patients achieve their desired dental outcome.  Patients must exhibit commitment and skill mastery before proceeding to the next phase of treatment.  They are provided additional training and support until they master the required skills to progress.  Patients and their families almost always  share in the financial commitment to achieve optimal dental health

The Linked to Craig Process


Treatment of dental disease that is interfering with definitive SCI or BI surgery.


Treatment of dental disease that interferes with sci or bi rehabilitation.


Elimination of dental disease, pain, and infection.


Provisional restoration of their smile to facilitate social re-entry.


Permanent tooth replacement related to the injury only

What Separates Us

Linked to Craig works closely with Craig Hospital to provide dental care with specially trained caregivers to ensure maximum safety.  


Our training programs are developed collaboratively with Craig Hospital to uniquely meet the needs of this patient population and to develop specific training standards for all caregivers. 

We aspire to standardize these training protocols and competencies to be a teaching resource for caregivers and patients adapting to paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injury. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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