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About Us

Linked to Craig provides comprehensive dental care to patients with paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries by removing three barriers to dentistry: physical access, financial access, and specialized expertise. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to remove all barriers to dental health for patients with paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries. Whether the patients' unique needs are physical, medical or financial, we get them, ready for surgery, ready for rehabilitation, and ready for reentry. 

Our Mission

What Separates Us

Linked to Craig works closely with Craig Hospital to provide dental care with specially trained caregivers to ensure maximum safety.  


Our training programs are developed collaboratively with Craig Hospital to uniquely meet the needs of this patient population and to develop specific training standards for all caregivers. 

We aspire to standardize these training protocols and competencies to be a teaching resource for caregivers and patients adapting to paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injury. 

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A Skilled Team

 Linked to Craig caregivers have extensive dental skills and they have training and competence in areas not typically found among dental health professionals. From emergency medical interventions to delivering medications through a tracheotomy, Linked to Craig's team is trained and certified in the unique needs of patients with spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. 

Our priorities are to:

  • PREPARE for surgery or rehabilitation 

  • RESTORE their smile to health and beauty after a traumatic accident 

  • MAINTAIN and create adaptive solutions for patients and caregivers to maintain oral health over the long term.

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