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Patient Story: Jana

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Jana was on a vacation in New Zealand and was T-boned by a tour bus on her 4th day there. The accident was November 28, 2017. Jana had a diffuse axonal brain injury, meaning all areas of her brain were damaged and was in a coma for about 2 months. Jana continued with outpatient care through October 2019.

Prior to the accident

Prior to being in this accident, Jana was an accountant for an Alaskan company. She had just been promoted to managing Accounts Receivable. Jana was in extremely good health as she was a competitive swimmer for most of her life. She loved hiking and was fairly active in her church and in the community.

After the accident
"If it weren't for help from people like you we would really be struggling. Even with good insurance there is a lot that isn't covered." - Bryan Haugstad

As a result of the accident, Jana is now mostly confined to the home unless someone takes her out. Unfortunately, Jana was told that it is likely that she will never be able to work in any capacity again. She is still hoping that they are wrong.

Healthy Vibes,

Linked To Craig Team


Linked to Craig provides comprehensive dental care to patients with paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries by removing three barriers to dentistry: physical access, financial access, and specialized expertise. Learn how you can help us extend our reach here.

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